How I got started in Coldfusion

After reading some of the other stories of how people got started in Coldfusion, I decided to add my own story to the mix.

At the beginning of 2008, I was ending a freelance contract Joomla/PHP development job with DSA Consulting in Sacramento, CA. On top of that I had moved back to Maryland (my home state) after 8 years in Sacramento. As my contract was winding down I was looking for work locally and my dear sweet wife saw a job posting on Craigslist for a Web Developer position about 15 minutes from our place. I read the post and was skeptical, since it mentioned Coldfusion and I had never used it before. However, my wife with the utmost confidence in my skills pushed me to apply for the position.

I sent in my resume and a small cover letter and received a positive reply and setup a phone interview. I explained that I definitely had not ever used Coldfusion, but I also explained I was willing to try. So after a face to face interview I was hired. I started working in Coldfusion in early April 2008, by August I had created a Coldfusion based content management system (modeled on Joomla) to run their intranet.

I’m still working there today and I’m still using Coldfusion everyday, it definitely makes developing and maintaining 6 different websites much easier.